Can you help me understand homeschooling?

Discussion in 'Other Conversation' started by Tim@CBH, Oct 28, 2014.

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    I'm pretty new here, but have observed that this is a well established community made up of a good mix of veteran and novice homeschoolers, so I would really value your thoughts on a question that's been burning in my mind:

    What are the major developments in homeschooling in the last decade and what are the major needs?

    I ask because I'm a homeschool alum (K-12) who is seeking to serve a community I care really deeply about. However, I'm not quite in that homeschool parent place yet so I know I'm looking at homeschooling incompletely. So I feel like I'm in a bind where I really believe I have knowledge and perspective that can be helpful, but am unsure as to where I can plug in to help meet the needs of homeschooling families.

    Any thoughts?
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    Are you hoping to develop curriculum, services, software, etc. to market to the homeschool community? Or are you looking to share your experience as a homeschool grad to encourage/promote homeschooling?

    I have been encouraged by two young moms who joined our co-op. They are both homeschool graduates. It is kind of neat to see homeschoolers homeschooling. Plus, they are remarkable women with an unbelievable range of talents and experiences. They're poster children for why homeschooling works and works well!

    So, I say, if you don't have something particular in mind, just go be awesome at what you do and tell everyone that you were homeschooled! That encourages the homeschool mom and builds good-will with the non-homeschool-aware public.

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