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    PLEASE READ. It is important to familiarize yourself with these policies. If the policies are not adhered to, it can result in your posts being removed and account banned.

    This is a work in progress. New policies and guidelines may be added from time to time to clarify our vision for this forum.

    We welcome new members to our forum. Homeschool Spot is a place to share about the successes and trial of homeschooling, about our families, and other relevant issues. Here are a few policies you should famliarize yourself with:

    Links Policy:
    We don't mind hearing about other member's personal websites or blogs, HOWEVER, please build up your credibility and show us you are here to share with us before you start posting links to yourself or your friends.

    New members do not have privileges to post links or use a signature right away. If you try to circumvent the forum's system for blocking links, it will be seen as suspicious and you may be banned from using the forum.

    After you posted for a while, you will have access to posting links, and later you'll have the ability to add a signature. Right now, we do not have restrictions on links in signatures. We welcome you to share links to your homeschool blog or other personal sites in your signature.

    Even after you are able to post links, please note it is not appropriate to include your link or announce it in multiple posts throughout the forum. We haven't had anyone abusing this so far, but hopefully we won't have to further address the issue.

    A note to regular members: It is important to keep our community free from spam and junk posts made by new members who sign up just to post their link and then leave. DO NOT OFFER TO POST LINKS FOR NEW MEMBERS.

    If new members have something very important that is not self-promotion or spam, they are welcome to use the 'Contact Us' form to request that the link be posted by a moderator or administrator. In most cases, however, I would suggest that you just wait. It doesn't take long before you can post links.

    No Self-Promotion or Solicitation:

    This is essentially covered by the links policy, however, to further clarify, we also do not accept posts that solicit HSS members to complete surveys, sign up for free stuff, email or private message you for further information, etc. If you post about a site or company you are directly or indirectly associated with, you will be banned and have the post(s) removed.

    Supportive Atmosphere:
    Homeschool Spot is meant to be a positive supportive place for members to share. We won't always agree on everything, but it is expected that any disagreements stick to the issue and not attack anyone personally. If posts begin to get personal, they will be closed. Repeat offenders may be banned from use of the forum. Along these same lines, Homeschool Spot is not a place for anti-homeschooling discussions. If you are not supportive of homeschooling, you should not join this forum.

    No students:
    While it can be interesting to hear a student's perspective, this forum is designed for homeschool TEACHERS, not students. Students, and generally anyone under the age of 18, should not register here. A homeschool parent is certainly welcome to register here to ask questions on behalf of their child, but students should not be visiting here unattended. Those who ignore this policy will be banned from using the forum.

    If you have any questions regarding these policies, please use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.
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