Happy New (School) Year!

Discussion in 'Homeschooling' started by 2littleboys, Aug 10, 2015.

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    NOPE!!! We finally finished MOH last year. Phillip was a preschooler when I first started with MOH1!!! This year we're doing American history. I'll be using Notgrass some, but while that worked for Rachael, it sure won't for Phillip! So we're going to be hitting just the text a bit, and supplementing it with Critical Thinking Co's U.S. History Detective: Book One (and hoping Book Two will be out next year, lol!).
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    We used America the Beautiful 2 years ago. DS loved it. I'm not completely sold on the higher level history yet, but I'm still contemplating both American & World from Notgrass, along with North Star Geography for high school. DS9 is on his second time through MoH 2 right now, so I don't want to use that for a 3rd time in high school. I've also considered putting him in a dual credit college course for history later, because history is his passion. He said he would major in it except that all he can do is teach, and teachers don't make enough money. LOL

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