Why Interns should go to Start-ups for Internship

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    When it comes to internship everyone want to add big names in there resume. Many people are wondering how to get in but I would suggest not going for big name. Why? Because of you can learn a lot from the small companies or start-ups. Interns will get a real life experience there that you will not get into any big name. It may not serve you with a good brand name but experience is all that matter in the end. Here are some reasons, perfect to describe why one should go to start-ups for internship.

    Have Some Real Responsibility:

    In startups, every team member is critically important. Because time is much valuable for start-ups and one have to work under this pressure. It may scary for first time to make blog post or design a website. But all these fear will result in making a good experience. An experience that is necessary to build a quality of a good employee. Try to take ownership of new projects on your own. It will build confidence level in you. You can go with it.

    How these Giants Runs:

    Understanding how company runs and deliver projects is important. In big company it’ll be hard to expose yourself between hundreds of employees and thousands of interns. On the other hand it is totally impossible not to get exposed. Again why? Because of low number of the competition present in the start-ups. You have good chance of making a good appearance among them. Also there are chances that you will get post-graduation job offers. Another benefit of small company is that interns be in touch with every part of company.

    Multiple Paths to the Success:

    Many times it happens that student can’t decide which filed are good for his/ her future. The internship makes it clear for the interns. Internship makes a good impact on the interns. It helps them find their field of interests. After getting internship they know which path they have to choose. It clears unsure feeling about the jobs and good field for a better future. As said in small company you have access to every department. By this way you can have little knowledge of ever department. Now this knowledge will lead you in choosing the right choice for you.

    Contacts with Interns and Employees:

    The great thing about internship in start-ups is that they may become big sometime. Few start-ups are able to make their name on the top list. This helps you if you were an intern from same company. The contacts you made during that time can get you placed in good position or in other good organization. Also other interns from that time you made contact with will help in getting a good job.

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