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    I'm a software developer who has an interest in creating educational computer games. Since you are homeschooling your children, it would be very useful and interesting to me to get your thoughts on the following:

    1) Have you bought any good educational computer games? What are they called, and what did you like about them? How frequently do your children play them?

    2) What types of educational computer games would you be interested in buying? (By that I mean, what subject matter would you like to see covered?)

    3) Are there any particular websites you like to use for reading reviews of computer games?

    4) What type of devices would be most convenient for your kids to play games on? (Desktop/laptop, phone, etc)

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    We loved all of the Jumpstart series - my kids played them endlessly when they were small. We liked the fact that they were set up as adventures, so the kids were learning while they played.

    Topics were reading, math... But we enjoyed games that taught a little something else along with the main topic - like going on quests around the world to real places, or going back in time, to learn to read. We liked games that didn't talk down to the kids.

    My kids have aged out of them now, though. They're teenagers.

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