Another biopsy for hubby :/ And other stuff

Discussion in 'Christian Issues' started by mommix3, Jan 23, 2015.

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    Please say a prayer for hubby. We found out yesterday that he will be having a spinal biopsy soon. No word on when, but should know sometime next week. The bone marrow biopsy was pretty rough so we aren't looking forward to this. Yesterday he got his first infusion of reclast. Besides being absolutely drained of energy, He seems to have taken it well so far. I'm SO VERY thankful for insurance. We also got his DENIAL letter for disability. We are going to appeal. We have letters from our doctors stating that he can not hold a job due to chronic pain and also because he is on strong Narcotic pain medication. We shall see what happens. Hoping that we can do this without the help of a lawyer.
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    I've been told that you ALWAYS get turned down for disability the first time you apply :evil:. So yeah, appeal it.

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