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    I am getting this information for a friend of mine. These questions are coming from her......

    I just need to know any and all information about Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum. Likes, dislikes, format, etc. anything at all. Especially for the younger grades, k, 1, etc. How do the lesson plans lay it out in such a way that the McGuffey reader lasts the whole year (it's such a short reader)? I understand they use the revised edition of the McGuffey. Do you find this version to be very secular? Is there anything objectionable about the revised editions? Is the overall curriculum overtly and obviously from a Baptist perspective or is it hard to tell it's even Baptist? It is my understanding there are really no worksheets except for k, is that true, and if so, what is the material/lessons based on or involve, ie, how could I expect my child to be spending their time while working on these lessons? What is the Bible curriculum like? I may want to use it even if I use nothing else from them. Has anyone used the K4/K5? I understand it is not meant to last for both K4 and K5. If you used it for K4, was your child prepared to move on to 1st or did you have to something else for K5?

    Thanks for helping me get information for my friend! Hello to my ABC Teach friends <waving>!!

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