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    I am glad to share with you a new way of learning that is now available to our kids. Now, education is more fun, gamified and more imaginative.
    Now, on Kickstarter with a huge momentum, Imagina Books just launched their first product; A series of educational Augmented Reality Books that blends the classical books with the newest technology on our mobile phones and tablets. Using overlay-ed 3D graphics on real-world objects, our kids are now able to see in motion, interact and imagine more deeply.
    "The Human Body" is the first book in the series, it has all the human body organs which are so vivid and interactive. We added two cartoon characters (Sarah and Adam) to make the experience more enjoyable and friendly. We made games that assess the understanding through 3D games about the human body function and how to keep healthy. We offer the book at a very affordable price so everyone can get to have the best out of it.
    Check our Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...ti/description
    Check out the trailer here:
    The campaign is now live and it got +20% in the very first 2 hours.

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