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    I haven't posted here before, but have really appreciated all of the good advice and information I've read so far. I will begin using Calvert's curriculum for my 1st & 4th graders this year and didn't initially opt to buy the Advisory Teaching Service, but am now having second thoughts. Would love to hear from any Calvert parents on why or why not purchase it. The extra cost seemed pretty high, but now I'm thinking that I'm making it more complicated for myself by not purchasing it. And that's what savings is for - sort of. I'd think I'd also appreciate having the "official" grades/academic record in case we move someplace or have a life change that won't allow homeschooling.

    Thanks for any input you can offer.
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    Hi Deborah......

    I certainly can help! I have used Prek, K, 1,2, 3 and will be ordering 4th in a couple of months! I use Calvert along with a lots of other stuff.

    I did ATS one time! It has advantages and disadvantages. Let me list them for you.

    If your in state that NEEDS testing and records to be kept, ATS is a life saver for that.
    The teacher are friendly, motivating and helpful.
    It keeps you on pace to finish with a school yr., not all year.
    Some children need an outside source, not mom, corresponding with them as to how they are progressing.

    The whole year I did it, I constantly felt *behind*. We live in Texas, and I have no body to report to. So I didn't really need it.
    The whole idea for me homeschooling is to pitch(toss) what I don't want to do, stay longer on something we don't understand. etc. You have to stay on pace and it was a stranglehold for me.
    You don't need ATS to call the 800 number and talk to the wonderful counselors who are absolutely free!.
    You never talk in person to the teacher you are assigned to because they teach too. So all correspondence goes through Calvert.

    In the end, I probably won't ever do ats again because i don't need it. The free counselors are EXTREMELY helpful. Even sending you info. if you need it. I always felt under pressure to send something in on time. i couldn't pick and choose which assignments to turn in. They decide since they have to maintain their accreditation standards.

    IMHO it works very well for the mom who has kids that constantly want approval from a *real* teacher like they had in ps, or older kids who need that *hanging over them* so they will be movtivated to keep working.

    For the rest of us, it can be quite intrusive if we want to go our own pace and do our own thing.

    Does that help?


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