Christmas Crafting for kids? I know I am early but...

Discussion in 'Other Conversation' started by TeacherMom, Oct 31, 2014.

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    I am hosting a Christmas Boutique and we decided it would be great to have some crafts for the kids to work on while the parents shop... fun for the kids is our idea and no worries for some of our vendors for the kids who want to touch everything.
    Since not everyone home schools that will come I really worry about skill levels to follow directions and yes I am bias to home schooled kids knowing what they are doing. Lol, I love home school!

    So... what are some ideas, I can have the following items at a glance--- sand in various colors, pincones from the neighbors tree ... various sizes.... tea light candles ... glue , markers, pencils , glitter , paint...

    while writing these out I am thinking it would be super if I got something made that could hold a tealight candle , I have green stuff I can bring from home too ( live ones) if they could come up with a platform .. but thats about it, what are your ideas?

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