DC following California's example?

Discussion in 'Homeschooling in the News' started by mamamuse, Jun 5, 2008.

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    I hadn't heard about this murder til someone sent me the link today. How tragic. In a way, you almost understand why some people are pressing for more regulations on HS. But then again, it isn't fair that these few extreme cases could potentially influence all of us. :(

    I mean, if the woman was that deranged, wouldn't she likely have murdered the children regardless of whether they were in school?
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    Ah! Kids in the school system are abused and murdered every day and no one has yet to think of abolishing the public school. Homeschooling has nothing to do with a nutty person intent on killing her kids.

    In my state a woman said she was homeschooling and then kept her kids in cages.

    Sure saying you will homeschool will prevent the truency officer from knocking on your door so you can continue to abuse and torture your kids. However, are there more homeschool families abusing their children or families who send their kids to school.

    I say when the ps and private schools have cleaned up 100% then maybe...just maybe you can take a bit of a closer look at me. Until then...look to your own problems.
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    What an awful thing to have happened to those poor children. I agree that whether they were homeschooled or not their mother has huge mental illness issues and this could have happened whether they were in school or not. I think that child protective services did drop the ball when they first investigated. Perhaps if they had followed through in the first place they would have been able to save these dear children.

    Restricting what is different, in this case homeschooling, is a knee-jerk reaction. HSLDA is on it and hopefully will be able to hold off the craziness. Since public school is the norm, you do not see knee-jerk reactions calling for the banning or severe limitation of ps when there are school shootings or when parents of ps children do awful things.

    It is the local gov't there trying to cover themselves. The article or another one I read went on to say that the number of referrals to cps has sky rocketed along with the number of children placed in foster care since this became public. CPS is now over-reacting and traumatizing a number of children by taking them away from their families.

    Personally, I think the case here in CA will be easier to come out of triumphant than what it sounds like is going on in DC. Our case has already been vacated and a new hearing set - the court must make their decision based on current law and precendents (sp?). The DC gov't is looking at chaging the current homeschool provisions and that is what gov'ts are allowed to do. This means that the people really have to get out there and start DEMANDING there representatives NOT do this. I think it is harder to fight in some ways. Hopefully, those in the DC homeschool community will make their voices heard and with HSLDA on their side they do have a good shot.
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    My underswtanding is that, once again, the case really had nothing to do with homeschooling. Chidlren's Services had this woman in their sights, and failed to do anything about it. People were actually fired for how badly it was botched. If they had done their job, the situation never would have happened, homeschooling or not.

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