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    More Books for Sale - These are all beginning readers. Just pm me if interested. Thanks.;)

    Noah’s Ark (Step into Reading preschool – grade 1) by Linda Hayward
    My Tooth is Loose! (All Star Readers Grade 1-2)
    The Cows are in the Corn (Hello Reader K-2) scholastic by James Young
    Pooh’s Sled Ride (A Winnie the Pooh First Reader) scholastic by Isabel Gaines
    Six Silly Foxes (A Green Light Reader Level K-1) by Alex Moran
    Dress-Up by (Real Kids Readers Level 1 K-1) by Marcia Leonard
    Mr. Rover takes Over (Hello Reader Level 1) scholastic by Grace Maccarone
    Down on the Farm (A Green Light Reader Level 1) by Rita Lascaro
    Toad on the Road (Step into Reading pre-1) by Susan Schade & Jon Buller
    The Tin Can Man (Real Kids Readers level 1) by Marcia Leonard
    Just Clowning Around (Green Light Reader Level 1) by Steven MacDonald
    What Day Is It? (A Green Light Reader Level 1) by Patti Trimble
    The Snowball (Early Step into Reading pre-k) by Jennifer Armstrong
    Dinosaur Days (Step into Reading 2 – grades 1-3) by Joyce Milton
    Space Race (Hello Reader- Phonics Fun Grade 1) by Judith Bauer Stamper
    Granny & the Desperadoes (Easy to Read Level 2) by Peggy Parish
    Go Away Dog (My First I Can Read) by Joan L. Nodset

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