First Language Lessons vs. Rod and Staff (Grade 3)

Discussion in 'Homeschooling' started by homeschooler06, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Well a while back I posted that I have both of these. I bought one set and my mom bought the other. Now it's time to decide what to do after I finish finish first language lessons vol 2. They both seem to be similar in what going to be taught. R&S has tests, student book and workbook. FLL vol 3 is just TM and student workbook. Less stuff for my table top command center:).
    Who has used them and what you like and not like about them? I am trying to get hubby's opinion but he is still like whatever you wanna use hunny. I did read somewheres about there being a FLL vol4 but not sure. I know there is more to follow after R&S grade 3. I am just trying to keep all my stuff the same instead of jumping here and there, ya know. I am not good at decided becuase other curriculum I have recommends both. So would it be more do I want to have tests or not? I have to test every year anyways so I usally don't test now except for spelling. I am leaning more towards the FLL since are using it already.
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    The Well-Trained Mind recommends using FLL through V2 and then moving to R&S gr3. We started last year with R&S gr3 and LOVE IT! I will look into FLL for the littles when they are at a point they can use it. (I looked at it enough to know it's above my 3 and 4yo just yet.) I'll compare and contrast both of them at that time.

    But, after v2 we'll definately be moving into R&S even with the little ones. Since gr3 is the only one I've used, I can't say, but I would imagine that it would be difficult to pick up R&S in 5th grade unless the child had gone through 3rd and 4th with it as well. Does that make sense? If you're going to switch to R&S for English at SOME point, I've seen it recommended in more than one arena that the time to do it is the 3rd grade.

    I haven't looked at all at FLL beyond the first few lessons of the first book. With the book in front of you, and CBD or Amazon for TOC for future volumes, I'd compare what is taught with each and see how smooth of a transition it would be to do another year or two of FLL before switching. I do know that FLL only has 3 or 4 volumes, at least now, so you'll have to switch to something at some point.

    And, I can't say enough about Rod & Staff. We LOVE the curriculum and will likely use it from now on, at least for English. :)
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    We're using R & S grade 3 next year. I bought FLL for my current 2nd grader (we didn't start HSing 1st grade until last March with only 2 months left).

    FLL was not a good fit for her so we've switched to something else and will use R & S next year.

    I'm hoping to use FLL (with some supplemental workbooks) for my son next year for 1st grade. Not sure how it'll go but we'll give it a try.

    I haven't seen the latest FLL volume for 3rd grade so I don't know much about it. I really like R & S and plan to use it for my 3rd grader and 5th graders next year and probably add my son the following year (for 2nd, 4th, 6th).

    Rhonda C.

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