I have things for sale Need gone ASAP! Make an offer!

Discussion in 'Homeschooling' started by mommix3, Aug 1, 2017.

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    I am quitting homeschool and these are the things I have left over that Second Harvest wouldn't take. I just want them GONE! I'm going to throw them in the trash if I can't find a taker for them. I do ask that you cover media mail shipping it should be no more than $5 for the heavier book and $2 for single small books.
    First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind- Make offer plus $3 for shipping
    Bob Jones University Literature 6 textbook only-Make offer plus $3 for shipping
    Bob Jones University Science 6 Textbook and Activity Guide- Make offer plus $5 shipping
    How to Create your own Unit Study by Valerie Bendt- Make offer plus $2.50 Shipping
    Explode the Code book 5 and Teachers Guide book 5 & 6- Make offer plus $3 shipping
    Sandi Queen Copywork for Girls- Make offer plus $2 shipping
    Spelling Power Task cards-Make offer plus $5 shipping
    Spectrum Geography 5-Make offer plus $3 shipping
    Star Spangled State Book-Make offer plus $3 shipping
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    There are many useful books. I'll think about it and choose some that are most interesting to me, since I work with the service BuyEssay.org (there you can order cheap essays, articles or term papers) and I will definitely need these resources. Especially it concerns to "How to Create your own Unit Study" by Valerie Bendt.

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