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    I just heard about this film on the Dave Ramsey show , (to listen to Dave's show just click on LISTEN NOW in the right hand corner, then click on archives it you miss the live show ) it is called MAXED OUT. It is about the credit card companies. It is like the SUPERSIZE ME (movie) of credit card companies. Dave Ramsey makes a guest appearence and I just thought I would pass this along. I will be having my dd's watch this with us!
    It comes out on Netflix on June 5 , it is also playing in select theaters now.
    Here is the website and you can look at clips and the trailer of the movie on there (just skip the intro page).
    I just thought that this would be good for parents and children to watch together so we can show our children that "plastic" money is real and that there can be great danger in using it improperly.
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    Thanks, Crystal! That sounds very valuable.

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