K12 Through Virginia Virtual Academy

Discussion in 'Homeschooling' started by Kmstewart12, May 9, 2016.

  1. Kmstewart12

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    May 9, 2016
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    Is there anyone who has used the K12 curriculum through the Virginia Virtual Academy? I am looking for someone who can give me some honest feedback about the academy and help me to work through whether or not it is a fit for my family. Thank you!
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    Aug 19, 2009
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    i have not heard many good things about any public virtual charter, either K12 or Connections. It's still public school at home, either way. It's not technically homeschool, it's truly public school at home. It does vary a little from state to state, so i don't know anything about that one specifically, but from what I have heard it's not nearly as flexible as advertised, and you're still subject to *all* the state testing and other requirements of public school. Most of the people get out of it as soon as possible, in order to truly homeschool,.

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