Most Historically Accurate History Books?

Discussion in 'Homeschooling' started by Blizzard, Sep 22, 2009.

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    What do you think is the most accurate history book/books out there? I have yet to really look into a history program yet. I was going to do the Charlotte Mason method with living books, but our library doesn't carry many of the titles and it is a pain trying to buy a whole bunch of books.

    I have the Charlotte Mason Genesis - Deut. book, but it is really beyond my 7 year old. I'm looking for something a little more fun and interactive for him that can be broken down into small lessons. I'm not necessarily looking for a completely Bible based history program either.

    And I am honestly getting tired of trying to piece together a bunch of stuff. Must be getting lazy! :lol:
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    I can not say enough about the K12 History program.

    I learned right along with my daughter- beginning with 1st grade.

    It is taught seqentially- and is VERY easy to understand for the younger ones.

    Look at you can purchase the program a few different ways, unless

    you are using the whole program in which case, it is free.

    Highly, highly, highly recommend.
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    Most of the history books that are geared for kids that young are bound to have some inaccuracies in them. They have to condense and gloss over so much. What I have used with my older girls and will use again with my son who is in 1st now, are the Story of the World books by Susan Wise Bauer for world history and the Light and the Glory series for American history. They are written in away to grab their attention. I also like all the biographies by the D'Auliers (sp?) like Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, etc. Also the books put out by Christian Liberty Press, Stories of the Pilgrims and Boys and Girls of Colonial Days were big hits.
    Once we reach High School, then I start the search for historical accuracy. It's hard to find books that are good and interesting!

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