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    This is our 9th or 11th year homeschooling. I've lost count. Anyhow, out of all 4 of our homeschooled children I'm considering finishing out ALL THE WAY through and Graduating one of mine. Here's why... My 2 boys both quit school. They HATED it. They had no real interest in sports and putting them into a box was the completely wrong choice. They are both smart but learn differently than the way the school was trying to teach them. I wish with all that is in me that I would have continued to homeschool them and not try to make them fit into a cookie cutter style education. If I only knew then what I know now... Dd16 is in 10th grade and was sent back to school solely to be able to compete in sports because the school system here is too closed minded to include homeschoolers in their sports programs and we live in a rural area with no co-op opportunities. She is excelling in both school and sports. With many broken records and a possible scholarship opportunity for University studies based on her sports alone. Now Dd13 has NEVER EVER set foot into a public school classroom and feels as though she is missing out and wants so badly to go and see what here friends are all raving about. She too LOVES sports and this is her very last year to be able to compete in the sports leagues in our little rural town. I had been trying to get her "caught up" so she could join her peers and be a part of what they all talk about. Partially because I have SO MUCH on my plate
    with my husband being sick and working full time. I barely have time to breath most days. BUT I am finally finding my way and figuring out how to juggle home with all it's demands and work. DD13 homeschool has probably gone better this year than any other year during this journey. I see her growing and learning and I want so badly to be the one influencing her in both education as well as morals and values. She gets a taste of public school life when she walks into the doors of my workplace. I work with children and this has been her outlet to join in with the masses. So, with that all said there are so many reasons to continue on... I feel like I need to get my head on straight and figure out the real reasons I want to quit. I think it's because it's hard A LOT of days. I feel like I don't get the time to help her with her studies. She does most of her work all on her own. Self directed learning... But is that so bad?? She IS behind what Public school says she should be, but so are most of the kids who attend public school. Especially here in our failing school district.. WHY would I want to send her into something that's already failing our kids? The majority of the kids I have in my classroom at work during the after school program can't tell time and don't know their times tables. MOST can barely read and this is the Upper elementary kids. That's not counting the Jr High kids..
    Our relatives keep telling us to put our kids in school. Some say it's one less thing to worry about . My friend (who is a former homeschool mom) says we are going to risk her dropping out if we keep her home. Which makes NO sense at all to me. BUT if I want to keep her home I HAVE to get her involved in some stuff. Idle hands are NOT good. 4-H is a good thing to get her in. Most of the homeschoolers here are a part of that group. We also have the option of gymnastics and dance. She is VERY athletic like her older sister and loves to be on the move. So if you have stuck with me this whole long post, what are your opinions? I've been praying about it a lot. I've never had peace with sending ANY of my kids back to school. It was just an easy way out. My daughter thinks she's going back next year so this is going to cause a major issue to keep her home. And maybe this year has been this good because she was trying to work towards something. We need to divert that something somewhere else.. Your opinions are greatly appreciated. :)
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    I don't know what I would do in your situation, but I pray that it would be made clear to you. I was so torn about homeschooling again this year. My oldest two were in public school last year for grade 1 & 3. They loved it so much. My grade 1 girl especially had such an awesome teacher and really thrived. However, we had told them they could go to ps for one year to see what it was like, and after that we would be homeschooling again. We stuck to our word, and now I'm glad we did. The company DH had worked for for 14 years suddenly hit a tight spot and had to lay off a whole bunch of their employees, and the rest were put on work share. DH was only working three days a week, so he was looking for work. Well, a job popped up at a school just down the road. It was for a custodian, but an evening position. If our girls were in public school it wouldn't have even been an option. I feel like God gave me confirmation that homeschooling is what he wants from me right now, even though I still have doubts, and it is never easy.

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