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    I home-school my three kids. I've had my oldest home since after his kindergarten year. He will be in 8th grade this year. All of the sudden yesterday he told me he wants to go to school. I've always told him we would reassess every year and if he decided he wanted to go he could. I don't want him to but I've already started talking to the school etc. He will be going in late because they started yesterday. They are enrolling him Wed. They are asking for "any homeschool records". I'm just not sure what to give them. I mean I was terrible at record keeping. I never actually graded with an overall grade. And for history and science, all we did was lots of reading together. So, needless to say, I'm a bit worried. Plus I'm afraid he will be behind. Any advice from anyone who has gone through this?
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    I put two of my kids in school for a year, but it was only 1st and 3rd. They did not ask for grades or anything. I would try to find out what is actually required in your state. I'm not sure what previous years grades would have anything to do with the current year.

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