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    So I homeschooled my older 3 boys for several years. (Mostly middle school level)

    Ds #1 is now in 10th grade at the Local High School. He is doing very well. He just applied for the "Running Start" program (College in High School) and a Specialized Program with-in that CC, called "ORCA". It is a Science Academy and if he gets into it he'll graduate High School with a AA degree too.
    He had to take the Compass Test to enter the CC. He did great on English and Writing, which is not his best subject, scoring 99 and 96. (You had to get between 80-100 to qualify.)

    He took the Math and got 31. That is super low. He could take basic math. (or bring in his transcript to show grades in higher math.) However that score is not good enough for the ORCA program. (Though they did warn me, Math smart kids often do not do well on this test. ) And many kids are taking the Compass now and in his PreCal class most got in the low 30's.

    He explained there was ONE question on the test, he did not know. He said the test asked him that question 10 times with different numbers.

    I had suggested he take a practice test before going. Of course my "super smart" son thought a practice was a waste of his time. Well after the no so good result, he looked over a practice test and found that one question he did not know. He took it to his teacher and asked her about it. She said the class had not covered that yet. (And he learned the way to solve the question.)

    Well, he retook the test today and scored a 97. He tested into College PreCal 2 or Business Calculus. That was the score we had expected.

    And the lesson on College tests might be priceless!

    Also my #3 son, had been in Special Ed. He has dyscalculia and dysgraphia. Well he tested out of Special Ed this semester! (He now has a 504 plan) Huge deal for him. Of course our local school just threw him in the 7th grade math class. He can't pass it! He doesn't have the skills to pass it because Special Ed doesn't teach the same things GenEd does. He has no choice but to take Pre Algebra next year, they don't offer a single other class for 8th graders.

    Well we took him to the Alt. Learning center and met with the principal. It looks like it will be a good fit. He will get the social interaction he wants, but he will be mostly "Homeschooled". (I can HS him for as many classes as we agree on, but he can take electives, math, and lab sciences there. They also have some specialty programs he might like.

    #2 is staying strong at school. Still doesn't like it and is bored but he is trying.

    The two little guys are doing great. Both are reading! We are finishing up for the year.
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    Wow, Marta, sounds like it's all working out for their best! WTG, Mom!

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