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    Okay, so my computer died and I tried getting it fixed but had to buy a new one, which of course was loaded with Windows 8. Not only that, but the one at school also is malfunctioning because people kept turning off the power strip without shutting down the computer. The new one appears NOT to have Word Office installed (can't find it anyway). I had a little neighborhood guy pull the hard drive off the old dead computer, and save my files onto a cd.

    I have used Word Perfect 11 for years, but apparently it is no longer supported. I installed it on the new computer, but the program keeps crashing. I tried making a couple new documents, but it won't Save. It made a backup document, but ... I installed the cd on the new one with "all" my old files, and there are some I can't find, some the names are there but apparently the folders are empty (maybe they are, maybe they aren't empty). It won't even uninstall.

    Apparently, I need a new word processor that can read and convert all my old WP files, and be as easy to use as WP 11. I can't afford $250-$350 to buy a new word processing program. Where do I go from here?

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